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The Home Place

Oil on canvas by Emma Schrock

  This is the story of an Old Order Mennonite girl. The tale of a girl who grew up exploring the railroad tracks and swamp located on the back corner of their seven acre farm in rural northern Indiana.  Wandering through the neighbors’ woods, wading the creek, boating the pond, climbing the trees and sitting on fallen logs dreaming, contemplating life and writing stories and poems. And always, coming back home to her own back yard to read in the shade of the Maple trees surrounding her house.

A girl who, although now all grown up, still explores the nature in her backyard, pondering life and God and all things wonderful. And it is here on a deck overlooking the St. Joe River that she often rests in the shadows of two ancient Maples. Gazing through their intermingling silvery-lacey and opaque dark green foliage towards the blue cloud scattered sky beyond, listening to the music of nature. Encountering the Creator of the universe. Still dreaming. Still writng.

This blog is a menagerie of her life. The cultures of the past and present intermingling to design a new, whole person, created in the image of God.

 Art is observing the world around you and then recreating it in a form that allows others to not only appreciate your experience, but to subsequently encounter their own world in a deeper, more beautiful and satisfying manner.

I pray you will be blessed as you read the story of my life; that it will inspire you to pursue the unfeigned heart of God and that your mind and spirit will be infused with his joy.

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